Nick Gibb Tests Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Nick Gibb MP had the opportunity to test an anti-gravity treadmill which is on loan to the Laburnum Centre in Bognor Regis, at the invitation of Sarah Smith (Deputy Manager and Community Coordinator).

The treadmill has been developed using NASA technology and is one of only 150 in the country. The treadmill helps those who struggle to walk to be able to exercise. People with new knees or hips, people who have MS, cerebral palsy or neurological problems can particularly benefit from the technology. The anti-gravity treadmill uses high pressure air to reduce the body weight of the exerciser by up to 80%.

Nick Gibb said, “To feel 80% lighter is like walking without gravity. This “Alter G” anti-gravity treadmill is a real aid for people who can’t put much pressure on their joints or limbs.

“The treadmill has been on loan to the Laburnum Centre. But they are hoping to raise the £30,000 it would cost to buy a machine.”

Photo: Sarah Smith and Nick Gibb