Nick Gibb hears how Radio Respect supports mental health

Nick Gibb MP visited the premises of Radio Respect in Argyle Road, Bognor Regis at the invitation of its co-founder, Chris Collins. 

Radio Respect was established in 2013 by Chris and Caroline Collins to provide support to people who have been or are tackling mental health issues. 

Elmer artist, Chris Thomas, invites Nick Gibb into his home

Nick Gibb visited the home of the local artist, Chris Thomas. His home (in Elmer) is full of his art, which is all made from recycled material and acrylic paint. Most of the materials are flotsam and jetsam found on the Elmer and Middleton beach.

Nick Gibb tours Edgcumbes Coffee Roasters in Ford Lane

Nick Gibb visited Edgcumbes Coffee Roasters in Ford Lane, just outside Yapton.

The company was established in 1981 but turnover has doubled over the last three years, with it now approaching £1 million a year. They employ 20 people and also have a very successful coffee shop.

Nick Gibb visits local artist Neil Lawson Baker

Nick Gibb went to see the studio of Dr Neil Lawson Baker in West Ashling. Neil Lawson Baker is a British artist, sculptor, photographer and author of children’s books. Before becoming an artist Neil spent a career as a dentist in London.