75th Anniversary of Victory over Japan Day

Saturday 15th August marks the 75th anniversary of Victory over Japan Day (VJ Day) when Imperial Japan announced its surrender and, in effect, ended the Second World War.   

Magnificent response to coronavirus crisis from schools

Monday marked the end of the Easter holiday period and the start of the summer term for schools. Schools remain closed until further notice for all but the children of critical workers and vulnerable children. And even during the Easter period most schools remained open for those children.

Help for local businesses

“Over the past week I have contacted a number of small businesses in Bognor and Littlehampton in order to understand how they are dealing with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Many are very worried and, while all welcomed the Government’s promise to provide financial relief, a number

Help for constituents stranded abroad

“Over the last two weeks I have received emails from over 30 constituents who have found themselves or have loved ones stranded abroad in countries including New Zealand, USA, and Indonesia as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The fight against Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a threat to every one of us and presents our country with the biggest challenge since the end of the Second World War.