Nick Gibb pops in to Pagam Beach Cafe

Nick Gibb MP visited the Pagham Beach Café to meet its owner, Maria Griggs.

The Café has undergone a significant refurbishment and upgrade and is now, as a consequence, open all year round rather than just in the summer season. The Café is located close to the Pagham Beach, near the yacht club.

The Café has been in the Griggs family for 42 years, having been established by Maria’s father, Joe. Their signature burger, the “Joe Burger” is named after Joe Griggs.

Nick Gibb said, “Pagham Beach Café is a well known and well-loved local cafe that serves visitors as well as local residents. With all the difficulties we have had with the Beach in recent years it is good that a local business that depends on tourism and visitors is doing so well.”

Photo: Maria Griggs with Nick Gibb