Marine Drive West Residents meet Nick Gibb to tackle problem motor homes

Nick Gibb MP met members of the Marine Drive West Residents Action Group, a group, led by local resident, John Wiltshire, formed to tackle the problem of camper vans or motor homes parking overnight on the seafront, with people cooking and sleeping overnight in their vehicles. 

Mr Gibb arranged a meeting with residents together with Highways officials from West Sussex County Council. 

He said: “It is unacceptable for people to live in their motor homes directly in front of people’s houses and flats. As well as constituting an eyesore, cooking with calor gas cylinders in the confined space of a van on the highway is felt by residents to be a serious safety hazard. 

“The plan is to seek support to amend the Traffic Regulations Order to ban motor homes from Marine Drive for specific periods, including overnight. This would be enforced by traffic wardens who would make spot checks in the early morning or at night.

“I believe that residents should be able to enjoy their properties without having to face the problem of camper vans parking overnight in front of their homes.”


Photos: from left: John Wiltshire, Kevin Piper, Maddie Boone, Alison Sharples, Chris Mclaren, Rene Boone, Susie Fraser, Nick Gibb