Elmer artist, Chris Thomas, invites Nick Gibb into his home

Nick Gibb visited the home of the local artist, Chris Thomas. His home (in Elmer) is full of his art, which is all made from recycled material and acrylic paint. Most of the materials are flotsam and jetsam found on the Elmer and Middleton beach.

Chris Thomas has suffered from chronic degeneration of the spine since 1996. Before that Chris had worked in construction and as a trawler man.

In 2015 Chris Thomas held his first exhibition in Bognor Regis.

Nick Gibb said: “Chris Thomas is a talented and imaginative artist, turning beach flotsam and jetsam into appealing pieces of art. His home is like an art gallery and a pleasure to see.” 

Photo: Nick Gibb with Chris Thomas. Look carefully at the sails of the yachts. They are made of beer cans picked up from the beach.